Lehárvilla - © STMG

Lehár Villa & Lehár Monument in Bad Ischl

Lehár enjoyed the seclusion of his villa on the Traun river in Bad Ischl and claimed that this was where „the best melodies come to me“. The villa is still the same as during the time of Lehár in Bad Ischl. Once should imagine, that the famous composer left the house just for a few minutes. Have a look on his musique and his way of life.

Lehár Monument

Bad Ischl is also known the home of Lehár. Lehár said he composed 30 operettas in Bad Ischl. The Lehár Festival, held each summer, and his former home Lehárvilla are testiments to his works and links to Bad Ischl. Franz Lehár died in 1948 in Bad Ischl and was laid to rest in the town cemetery.

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