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The most beautiful events for your vacation in the Salzkammergut area

There is much to discover in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut and in the numerous neighbouring towns. In our event calendar you will find the best tips for your holiday in the heart of Austria. For those who do not want to click around, we have summarised the best events in our seasons overview. We hope you enjoy browsing and have an unforgettable holiday in the Salzkammergut

What can I do today? You can find it in our events calendar. The best events are just a click away.ndar

What's going on in the Salzkammergut? All events at a click. Our event calendar at a click. From conventions to concerts. From nature to culture. Here you will find events in Obertraun, Hallstatt, Bad Goisern, Gosau or Bad Ischl. From tradition to hiking. The choice is yours!

Summer events

Magical caves, deep tunnels and sporting challenges - here you can find an overview of the best events from June to August at a glance.

Colourful autumn event

Autumn is the time for hiking. However, numerous other events are very popular with autumn holidaymakers in the Salzkammergut. Here you will find the highlights from September to November.

Events in winter

Enchanting and romantic pre-Christmas period, iconic start to the year or colourful ballooning mixed with numerous winter sports events. Winter Highlights from December to February at a glance.

Theme world "Art and culture"

Art & Culture Events in the Salzkammergut

The best of classical music, poetry, jazz, Austropop, theatre and customs through to cabaret and operetta. The best cultural events in the Salzkammergut at a click. Always up to date!

An evening for classical music lovers: World premiere of "Benedicte Domino" in Hallstatt

The renowned Austrian composer Peter WesenAuer has created a remarkable new work: "Benedicte Domino". This impressive piece was commissioned by the parish of Hallstatt and is based on the text of the Psalm of Creation.

Exhibitions in the Salzkammergut

Would you like to visit an exhibition while you are on holiday in the Salzkammergut? We have something for every taste. Modern or traditional. Cool or classic. There is sure to be something for you.

Summer of Culture in Gosau

On the mountains & in the valley. Customs and tradition at the Gosau Summer of Culture. The Gosau Valley presents. Under the title "Gosau Summer of Culture", the World Heritage community invites you to a varied programme of cultural and traditional events. Whether in the valley or on the alpine pastures - there is something for everyone.

White gold meets European Capital of Culture 2024

This exhibition in the heart of Bad Ischl is all about the “white gold”, the region’s namesake - the Salzkammergut. Whether individually or as part of a guided tour, you should not miss this exhibition! A showcase for everyone.

Bad Ischl und die Operette – diese Liebe reicht bis in Kaiserzeiten zurück. Das Leben und Schaffen vieler Operettenmeister wurde durch das Salzkammergut beeinflusst, ebenso wie die kulturelle Entwicklung der Stadt durch diese Liaison bedeutend mitgeformt wurde.

Theme world "Tradition & customs"

Traditional Events in the Salzkammergut

Genuine and down-to-earth, varied and unusual - the traditional events in the Salzkammergut. This is how you get to know the country and its people! Come and see!

Echo and Weisenblasen at the lake

The incomparable end to an eventful day in the Salzkammergut! We hear each other to play the Weisenblasen as part of the “Obertraun Mountain Moments” directly on Lake Hallstatt!

Almfest on the Koppenwinkelalm

A touch of the "Oktoberfest". Typical Austrian festival. With lots of folk music and traditional dances. Delicious down-to-earth food and drinks. Of course is traditional costume!

Unique holiday memory: Yodelling course on Mount "Katrin" in Bad Ischl

Fancy an unusual Urlaun experience? Learn how to yodel with voice expert Anita Biebl on Mount "Katrin" in Bad Ischl. Those who take part have something to tell after their holiday. Memories for life!

“Yodeller” brass music in the Gosau Valley

The small Kalvarienberg (Mount Calvary) Church in Gosau provides a stunning background to this musical event - a melodious holiday occasion with exceptional panorama views.

Cattle drive in the Salzkammergut

Finale on the alpine pasture. The alpine summer is over and the animals are on their way home to the valley. And you can be there live at the reception. A very special autumn tradition in the Salzkammergut. We have compiled the most beautiful events of this kind for you. Take a look.

Brass music im Salzkammergut

Brass music is as much a part of Austria as a dirndl or a schnitzel. What would a big folk festival in the Salzkammergut be without brass music? Nothing! Get to know the perfect sound of your host region. The perfect overview of brass music events in the Salzkammergut. Not all of them - but the best at a click.

Theme world "Salz mines in Hallstatt & Altaussee"

Daily tours through the Saltmine in Hallstatt

Did you know that the Salt Mine is the perfect destination during the summer holidays, not only in the rain but especially in the heat? In the mine, the temperature is between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius all year round. So - if it's crowded at the lake, enjoy cooling off in the salt mines of Hallstatt!

Guided tour "Bombs on Michelangelo"

In the footsteps of George Clooney's Hollywood movie. A special underground tour based on the true saviours of unique art treasures in the salt mine of Altaussee. But only after timely registration!

Exhibition "Graphic Novel" in Altaussee

Experience up close: Comic artist Simon Schwartz contemporary history. From the Stone Age to the Nazi era. History and history from the Altaussee salt mine. On view from March until October 2024 in Ausseerland.

Children's tour with Sally in the Altaussee Salt Mine -

Visitors of all ages can experience the world of miners and salt in a completely new way with Sally in the Altaussee salt mine. The family experience for everyone from the age of 4.

Theme world "Mountain moments"

Your unforgettable holiday experience: Sunrise on the mountain - you can't get more natural magic than this!

Unique holiday experience for nature lovers, hiking enthusiasts or photographers. With delicious breakfast at the Mountain Restaurant. The Dachstein plateau is waiting for you! Climb aboard and take a ride. See you at the top!

Daily tours through the Ice cave

Multimedia shows, cave bears and rope bridge: The completely reconstructed Dachstein Giant Ice Cave offers you the chance to embark on a breathtaking adventure through rock and ice. .

Classic Concerts in the Ice Cave 2023 - An extraordinary music experience at cool temperatures

It’s not just nature lovers who will find what they are looking for in this giant Ice cave – art lovers too can appreciate this eternal world of ice: every year in August in Obertraun , the Parsifal Dome is transformed into a unique concert hall

Guided tours through the Koppenbrüller cave

A visit to the Koppenbrüller Cave offers an impressive insight into the underground waterways of the inside of the Dachstein. Pathways secured against flooding mean that guests can visit in safety, even in bad weather!

Theme world "Hiking & gentle nature experiences"

Mountain events in the Salzkammerut

Breakfast on the mountains - guided hikes. The mountains are there to be conquered! From you. And we have the best mountain events for you. this is your time These are your mountains. Do something outside

Mountain Moments

The “Hiking in Autumn Program” includes hiking tours ranging from 500 m to 2100 m above sea level from August to October in Obertraun at Lake Halls.

Guided hikes to the most beautiful natural spectacles - guided hikes with Betty

The guided tours will lead you to the most beautiful places around Lake Gosau and Lake Hallstatt. Betty will give you unforgettable moments!

Yoga on the mountain - relaxation on the Zwieselalm in Gosau

An extraordinary experience for body, mind and soul. Optionally, there is the opportunity to fortify yourself after the yoga session with an organic breakfast in the Gablonzerhütte and marvel at the mountain panorama.

Theme world "Sports & action events"

Every meter counts - sporting eventsin the Salzkammergut

Whether running events or swimming events, iconic mountain bike meetings or sporting events - in terms of "sport" has the Salzkammergut so much to offer. We have put together the best events for you. The places ready go!

Lake Hallstatt Swimming Marathon in Bad Goisern

The swimming event of the summer! On July 27, 2024, Lake Hallstatt will be all about the 13th Swimming Marathon - a sporting highlight for all friends of limitless open water swimming.

Goiserer Stand Up Fun Day in Bad Goisern

The fun highlight of the summer! Not a dry eye in the house. If you have a board and can stand up, then you are our man / woman! Register now for the funniest event in the Salzkammergut!

International Wolfgangsee Run – Salzkammergut Marathon

The "Int. Wolfgangseelauf - Salzkammergut Marathon" is celebrating its 52nd edition. More than half a century after the 1st Wolfgangseelauf on October 26th, 1972 with 13 starters and 11 finishers, thousands will again take part in the six competitions.

Theme world for the Salzkammergu

Events for children & families in the Salzkammergut

Are you vacationing with your family in the region? And are you still looking for some great events for your kids? Then we would do the right thing for you. Unforgettable events on the mountains, in the valley and on the lakes.

Market days in the Salzkammergut: weekly markets, flea markets & Co.

Fresh, unadulterated food from the region, away from supermarkets and discounters. Also ideal as a souvenir. Holidays for the palate. Pure pleasure!

Services and events in churches in the Salzkammergut

Church is more than worship. Readings and concerts take place regularly in the numerous places of worship. And there are always excellent events there. Artists with well-known names and brilliant voices. Whether classical, Jaoo or modern music - there is something for the visitor!

Culinary events in the Salzkammergut – a double pleasure!

Here you will find a list of the most beautiful culinary events between mountains and lakes. Sometimes down-to-earth, sometimes first-class sophisticated. Indulgent holiday with all your senses.

Theme world "Daily Adventure"

Cool Summer Adventure: Daily Guided Canyoning Tours - Get the Kick!

The nature experience of summer! Daily from 1st of May to 26th of October 2024! By appointment only! Tour duration: about 3 hours.

Guided Climbing Offers in the Salzkammergut

Fancy an individual climbing tour? According to your own personal wishes? The professionals at Outdoor Leadership make these wishes come true. Climbing tours according to your ideas. Bookable daily from spring to autumn.

Discover the World Heritage on the bike

Nobody knows better than our guides where the most beautiful lookout spots are, which are the longest descents, the most challenging ascents, the cosiest chalets and the most magnificent circular tours!

Guided Canoe Tours

Discover the beauties of Lake Hallstatt on a “Guided Canoe Tour”. Ideal for the whole family or small groups. Daily tours of about 3 hours. Outdoor fun for all water lovers!

Theme world "Guided tours in the Salzkammergut"

Part of your Journey: Guided tours in the Salzkammergut

Would you like to find out more about the country and its people? About the impressive history of the region? Then come along on one of the numerous guided tours in the Salzkammergut area. Whether in groups or in a private tour, whether large or small. Whether above ground or underground - an experience every time. There is a suitable answer to every question here. And the trained guides are looking forward to your coming! Discover the Salzkammergut from its most beautiful side!

Guided Sightseeing Tours Bad Ischl

Enjoy the unforgettable flair of the imperial town of Bad Ischl on a guided tour with certified Austria Guides.

Village Tour ‘Hallstatt by Land, Hallstatt by Water’

This special guided tour offers the possibility to get to know Hallstatt in a relaxed way. Only in good weather. Only with pre-registration. Note: Registration only possible until 9:00 hrs. on the day of the event.

Theme world "Winter in the Salzkammergut"

Hand in hand through the winter: Silent Night, Holy Night - Atmospheric Christmas season in the Salzkammergut

Get in the mood for Christmas: These events during the Advent season provide special moments in the Salzkammergut. In addition to atmospheric visits to the Christmas markets and traditional events, other special events await you in the Salzkammergut to brighten up the time until Christmas. Take a look.

Christmas market Gosau 2024

Probably the most beautiful Christmas market in Austria. Stroll, enjoy, taste and just take a deep breath and let your mind unwind. The most beautiful place to wait for Santa Claus. With great and uniquely beautiful gift ideas. You have to check this out!

Christmas market Hallstatt 2024

Idyllic World Heritage Advent at yout winter holiday around Lake Hallstatt. Only on 8th December 2024. Experience an incomparable Christmas trip to Hallstatt in Austria!

Krampus Parade in Bad Goisern 2024

The Salzkammergut Krampus Parade takes place on 7th December. 700 "Krampusses" and demons, St Nicholasses and good angels will assemble once again in the market square in Bad Goisern for this annual event.

Guided snowshoe hikes in the Salzkammergut: Your way through untouched winter landscapes - experience the peace and quiet!

On a guided snowshoe hike, you can expect a foray through untouched snowy landscapes. It goes through forests, past enchanted clearings and over wide high plateaus.

"Glöcklerlauf" - A Procession of light and sound 2025

The "Glöcklerlauf" is a time-honoured local tradition on 5th January. This is hardly surprising, as it is believed that the illuminated head decorations and the ringing of the bells bring good luck into the community in the coming year!

Hot Air Balloon Night 2025 in Gosau

Highlight of the event is the display of hot air balloons by night. A stunning visual treat! Spectators flock to the Gosau and see how enormous flames create the hot air needed to inflate these huge, brightly coloured balloons.

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